Evercare Hospital Chattogram’s success in Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

knee replacement

Evercare Hospital Chattogram has completed ‘Bilateral Total Knee Replacement’ (twin knee) transplant for the first time. The challenging surgery was performed by Evercare Chittagong Orthopedic, Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement Surgeon and Consultant of Orthopedic Team Dr. Jabed Jahangir Tuhin.

65-year-old patient Sultana Hossain had been suffering from various knee problems for 5 years. He had problems with pain in his knee joint, knee deformity, swelling etc. Later, after examination at Evercare Hospital Chattogram, he was diagnosed with tri-compartmental grade four osteoarthritis with varicose veins in both his knees. The patient was almost unable to walk, bend / bend the knee, move the joint. Even then the patient had uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity, and aging problems for 12 years.

He also contracted covid two years ago. However, although he was healthy, his lungs were not in good condition. Making any decision in this situation was very challenging. Finally, considering the overall aspect, Dr. Jabed Jahangir Tuhin decided on ‘Bilateral Total No Replacement’ in a single operative setting. Later Dr. The patient’s surgery was successfully completed with the combined efforts of an orthopedic and anesthesiologist team led by Tuhin.