Evercare Hospital Ctg replants amputated hand successfully

Evercare Hospital Chattogram recently replanted a completely amputated hand of a patient successfully.

Trauma Surgery Specialist Dr Rivu Raj Chakraborty of the hospital along with cardiovascular surgery specialist Dr Md Sanaul Haque Sarkar carried out the surgery.

42-years-old man Mokarram Hossain was admitted to the hospital after an accident.His right hand was completely amputated in the incident.
In this case, with the consent of the patient and his family, the doctors decided to perform a surgery that took almost 11 hours to complete.

Dr Rivu Raj Chakraborty said the bones, blood vessels, nerves and muscles of the patient’s hand were surgically attached during the surgery.

“It was a very complicated and time-consuming procedure and such surgery required advanced technology and management. We are glad that the surgery was successfully completed,” he said.

The patient was kept under proper observation and was able to go home after eight days, he said.

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The hospital also has more than 12 centers of excellence that include a comprehensive Heart Centre with 24/7 Interventional Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery service, a Mother and Child Centre, a Neuroscience Centre, a Bone and Joint centre, and a Digestive disorder centre.
Located in the city’s Ananya Residential Area, the hospital spans on over 492,000 square-feet area.