First awake brain surgery at Evercare Hospital Chattogram

brain tumor surgery

The first awake brain surgery at Evercare Hospital in Chattogram has been successfully conducted recently.

Dr Md Anisul Islam Khan, senior consultant and coordinator of Neurosurgery department at the hospital, has performed cranioplasty on a 69-year-old stroke patient in a team effort.

The patient, Zainab Begum, was admitted to Ctg’s Evercare Hospital after suffering a brain stroke,  CT scan of the brain revealed that the patient had an ischemic stroke on the right side of the brain.

The doctors first treated the patient with decompressive craniectomy, and then based on the follow-up, they decided to perform cranioplasty, reports our staff correspondent.

However, the patient could not be sedated because of her critical cardiac condition. So, the physicians decided to perform an awake brain surgery on her. The three-and-a-half-hour surgery that ensued was risky, but fortunately it was successful.

Fazle Akbar, general manager of Medical Services department at Ctg Evercare Hospital said, “Evercare Hospital has the capability to perform complicated surgeries thanks to the facilities of the advanced surgical ICU and the reliable services of the Anesthesia department.”