Major Milestone Achieved in Chattogram’s Healthcare Delivery Capabilities

Evercare hospitals launch the First Comprehensive Pediatric Cardiology Service in the port city, under the stewardship of renowned Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Tahera Nazrin

[Chattogram, 28 August 2022] The port city’s largest hospital, Evercare Hospital Chattogram, has started offering comprehensive Pediatric Cardiology Services. These life-saving services were not available in Chattogram and pediatric patients along their parents were forced to travel out of the city and to other countries to avail the same. From now on, Evercare will provide global standards medical care to children suffering from congenital and other life-threatening heart diseases, including those having a Hole in Their Heart.

The Comprehensive Pediatric Cardiology services brings to Chattogram the expertise of Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Tahera Nazrin supported by a multidisciplinary team comprising of experienced pediatricians, well trained and highly skilled catheterization technicians & nurses with expert cardiothoracic surgery back up. The hospital has a state-of-the-art Cath Lab and Pediatric ICU infrastructure that will enable global standard healthcare for the children of the city. Parents no longer need to look far or travel abroad to avail these lifesaving services, as they can now be availed in Chattogram city itself.

The hospital has also launched a special package for under-privileged children, age up to 16 years and suffering from a hole in the heart wherein the device or balloon used to treat the condition will be provided free of cost and the rest of the treatment has been subsidized and will be available at Tk 55,000 only. Parents of under-privileged children who are in need this life saving treatment can register with Evercare Hospital Chattogram by calling 10663 to avail this service. This initiative has already begun, with the treatment of 4 children on Saturday, 27 August 2022.

Going forward all these treatments will be completed under the supervision of Dr. Tahera Nazrin, Senior Consultant and Coordinator of the Clinical and Interventional Pediatric Cardiology Department of Evercare Hospital. Dr. Tahera Nazrin is one of the country’s most experienced doctors in the treatment of congenital heart defects in children. She specializes in the field of interventional Pediatric Cardiology & closing the holes in the child heart (ASD, VSD, PDA) by devices without surgery. Apart from this, she has unique experience in the treatment of Pulmonary Valvular Stenosis, Aortic Valvular Stenosis, and coarctation of a aorta through balloon treatment of narrow valve and aorta. Dr. Nazrin has already started performing regular duties at Evercare Hospital Chattogram besides her responsibilities at Evercare Hospital Dhaka. For booking an appointment the citizens can call 10663.

Speaking about the new initiative, Dr Ratnadeep Chaskar, CEO & MD of Evercare Hospital Dhaka and Chattogram said, “We have always been committed to providing world-class healthcare in Bangladesh. Many children in Bangladesh suffer from heart diseases and their parents struggle to provide them with quality treatments and in many cases are forced to travel out of country and spend a huge amount of money. With this in mind, we have taken this special initiative of launching comprehensive Pediatric Cardiology Services in Chattogram for the first time and Dr. Tahera will regularly provide cardiac treatment to children.” He added, “I would also like to appeal to all that if there are any underprivileged children in your neighborhood with heart problems, please reach out to us”

Dr. Tahera Nazrin said, “Many thanks and congratulations to Evercare Hospital Chattogram for taking such a wonderful initiative. I am proud to be a part of this initiative and will continue to serve patients in Chattogram regularly from now on. I am happy to share that we have successfully completed this lifesaving procedure for 4 children suffering from a hole in the heart. They are all doing well and are being discharged today. With all of them getting cured, we are happy to see that they will lead a normal life and build a bright future for themselves. We are committed to providing latest, cutting-edge treatments to all such patients in and around Chattogram”