Successful brain tumour removal in Evercare Hospital Chattogram

Evercare Hospital Chattogram organized a workshop recently with  local media personnel on Thursday (27/05/2021) to discuss the successful neurosurgery for a brain tumor of a 42-year-old woman, Mrs. Nurunnahar. In the workshop, Dr. Md. Anisul Islam Khan and team, along with other involved personnel from Evercare Hospital Chattogram discussed the details of the surgery and other relevant experiences with media personnel.

The patient was suffering from headaches for the last 6 months which gradually kept increasing in severity. She had consulted several different physicians but to no avail. The situation kept getting worse as she slowly began to experience numbness and gradually lost voluntary control of her right arm and leg. A few weeks prior to the surgery, the patient could not even speak. Considering the dire situation, the patient’s family then reached out to Dr. Khan who successfully diagnosed a significantly large tumor in the left part of her brain.

After carefully assessing the situation, Dr. Khan decided to proceed to surgically remove the tumor. Since such surgeries are very complicated and require high levels of expertise and precision, this was an exceptional case of a successful operation, especially since the patient was at high risk.

Providing insight on the patient’s ailment, Dr. Md. Anisul Islam Khan, Senior Consultant & Coordinator of   Neurosurgery Department  at Evercare Hospital Chattogram, said, “There are generally some common symptoms like headaches, numbness, vomiting, convulsions and so on which indicate the possible presence of a brain tumor.” He added, “Since the patient had been suffering from the effects of the tumor and the accompanying complications for quite some time, it was the best-case scenario to conduct the high-risk surgery to remove it.”

Evercare Hospital Chattogram boasts a world class modular operation theater. It also provides facilities using advanced operating microscopes, endoscope, craniotome and drill machine as well as C-Arm machine. Besides the advanced operation theater, there is also an all-inclusive, skillfully staffed surgical ICU which is crucial for the post-operative period of neurosurgery.

Evercare Hospital Chattogram is the largest and first ever state of the art tertiary care multidisciplinary hospital in the port city. Since its inauguration, the hospital is redefining healthcare in Chattogram and achieved some remarkable milestones for the health industry in the city as well as the economy as a whole.

Nilesh Gupta, CEO of Evercare Hospital Chattogram; Dr. Prakash Kundu Narsimha, Director of Medical Services at Evercare Hospital Chattogram; Dr. Fazal-E-Akbar Chowdhury, General Manager of Medical Services at Evercare Hospital Chattogram and many others were present at the workshop session and experience exchange meeting organized today.