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Dietetics & Nutrition care at Evercare Hospital Chattogram

Dietetics is a science that deals with the adequacy of diets during normal life cycle and modifications required during diseased conditions. The Department of Dietetics of Evercare Hospital Chattogram is an established department with well-trained clinical and experienced dieticians, working as a team to provide holistic and integrated dietary services. The primary goal is to provide and maintain an excellent and quality dietary service in meeting patient unique needs and wants.

Evercare Hospital Chattogram facilitates all sorts of dietary suggestions for you and your family. You can come to our out-patient clinic for diet counseling on your own, or if recommended by your treating physician. Moreover, all preventive health screening packages provide diet consultation. Hospitalized patients can consult with our in-patient dieticians during their hospital stay and also while being discharged for any necessary dietary advice.

Our dieticians will provide personalized diet instruction according to their diseases, menu planning, lifestyle and behavioral changes advice to insure a healthy nutritional plan. They help you learn ways to make better choices about the kind of food you eat, and explain to you what the benefits of these changes are. They understand that the more a person understands the way that his/her body works, the more likely he/she will be to see the immediate benefits of these lifestyle changes, and make them a part of his/her routine.

In addition to providing dietary services, the Dietetics Department also provides educational talks to organizations and public. Our department adopts a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach to patient care.

Objectives of Our Department

• To provide the highest quality nutrition care and dietetic services
• To develop effective therapies and new treatments, using evidence-based practice
• Prevent or reverse nutritional deficiencies
• Help patient better tolerate treatment
• Minimize nutrition related side effects and complication
• Maintain strength and energy
• Protect immune function and decrease the risk of infection.
• Aid in recovery and healing.
• Maximize the quality of life


List of Nutritionists

We can help you choose top specialists from our pool of expert doctors, physicians and surgeons.

Conditions Treated


Dietetics Department plans and supervises the preparation of therapeutic or other diets for individuals or groups in the hospital. We plan nutritionally adequate diet for in- patients, as recommended by the Consultant. We ensure that appropriate diet planning is done consistent with the patient’s clinical requirements, and that diets are available on a regular basis.

We provide guidelines to be able to serve in-patient’s diet from the production line to the in-patient’s bed table. We serve prompt and accurate meals to patients upon admission and render diet counseling/nutrition promotion prior to discharge. We prepare a comprehensive diet chart which will help to maintain nutritional requirement for a patient according to the diagnosis.

The dietary intervention is done taking into consideration the disease condition, social background and nutritional status of the patients. The patients are visited on daily basis by the dietician and the diets are modified in accordance to the progress of the patients.
For critically ill patients, the nutritional status is assessed and special feeds are indigenously prepared for each patients and closely monitored on daily basis in coordination with the medical team.

These special tailor-made feeds help the patient in recovery from the critical illness maintaining his nutritional status which plays a vital role in the curative and recovery phase of the patient.
The whole dietetics team is actively involved in delivering optimal care to in-patients:
• Providing diet according to in-patient’s health condition
• Providing good quality of food and beverage
• Maintaining freshness and hygiene
• Serving appropriate food for appropriate diet
• Time to time dietary services
• Developing patient faith on dietician’s capabilities in improving patient’s health condition through prescribed diet


The nutritional needs of a normal person in his lifespan – from conception through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age – are modified according to the demands of growth and development at different stages of life. The needs of every person at any stage of life are to be modified and deviated from the normal when attacked by illness.

Use of medication alone is not always sufficient to cure any health disorder unless there is proper nutritional management. Out-patient diet consultation can then be considered as a shield, which if effectively used, can protect a person from further attack of the disease and help restore normal health.

We provide diet chart and diet counseling to the patients according to their physical condition or on the advice of the treating Consultant. We hand out printed dietary instructions to the patients after explaining to them about the restrictions or foods permitted.

The major objective of outpatient dietary counseling is to educate patients regarding the nature of the disease, its hazards and how it can be recognized and prevented; advice on personal hygiene, individual instructions on diet and any specific therapy, as required.

Out-patient dietetics services help in wider use of dietary counseling and serve to extend and clarify diet instructions and have follow-ups.:
• We assess the patient
• We calculate the daily calorie requirement and other nutrient intake
• We make daily meal plan for the patient according to their height, weight, age and based on their disease condition
• Dietician explains the meal plan and counsels the patients
• Dietician educates the patients about dietary restrictions (do’s and don’ts), if required
• Dietician provides diet booklets/charts to the patients as per their need.

Out-patient diet counseling is provided through:

  • OPD: This is based on referral by Consultant or self. Patient diet consultation is given based on written diet instruction or diet advice from the treating Consultant. Patient can directly visit OPD at Level-1, Master Health Check (MHC) Clinic. for diet consultation from our clinical dietician
    • Master Health Check (health screening packages): Diet consultation is provided in every Master Health Check package based on the investigation reports. Patients can avail these packages at Level-1, Master Health Check (MHC) Clinic.
    We provide diet counseling for dietary management of:
    • Nutrition management of infancy
    • Nutrition management of pre-school children
    • Nutrition management of Special Child
    • Nutrition management of school children
    • Nutrition management of adolescents
    • Nutrition management of adults
    • Nutrition management of pregnant and lactating women
    • Diabetic diet and calorie controlled diet
    • Diet for renal disease
    • Nutrition management of chronic renal failure
    • Nutrition management of acute renal failure
    • Nutrition management of nephrotic syndrome
    • Diet for heart disease
    • Diet for gastrointestinal disorders
    • Diet for liver disease
    • Paediatric nutrition
    • Nutrition management in burn patients
    • Nutrition management in cancer patients
    • Sports nutrition
    • Dietary management of obesity and underweight etc.

We also provide modified diet chart for every disease:
• Dash diet chart (dietary approaches to stop hypertension)
• Diet chart for kidney diseases (every stage of kidney and renal calculus)
• Diet chart for liver diseases (every stage of liver and hepatic coma)
• Anemia prevention of nutritional deficiencies diet chart
• Diet chart for electrolyte imbalance
• Diet chart for inborn errors metabolism
• Gluten free diet chart
• Lactose controlled diet chart
• Nutrition management of food hypersensitivities
• Diet chart for arthritis etc.

Special Clinical Management
• Naso-gastric tube feeding diet chart
• Dysphasia diet chart (special thickened measurement diet order)
• Acute dysphasia patients (those who cannot chew or swallow due to esophageal stricture, anatomical abnormalities or head/neck surgeries).
• Ketogenic Diet Chart


Treatments & Procedures


  • Tests/Investigations:
    • To schedule a test/investigation, please call the relevant OPD front desks.
    • Your lab investigation samples are to be deposited in the Sample Collection Room located in Level-3, which is open on working days (Saturday-Thursday) from 8.00 am to 8:00 pm, and on Fridays and holidays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
    • Your investigation reports can be collected from Report Delivery Room by showing the receipt of payment. The hospital shall not be responsible for reports not collected within 30 days after the tests were done. Report Delivery Room is also located in level-1, and is open on working days (Saturday-Thursday) from 8.00 am to 8:30 pm, and on Fridays and holidays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
    • You will not be able to collect your investigation reports without your receipt of payment. If you have lost your receipt, you may collect a duplicate copy from our Billing Executives (Front Desk, OPD- Level-2,3).
    • You can request duplicate copy of your investigation reports from the Report Delivery Room, inclusive of BDT 100 additional charge.
  • Procedures & Surgeries:
    • If you are interested in undergoing a procedure or surgery, please see our relevant Consultant first.
    • To search for a consultant, go to Find a Consultantpage and for appointments, go to Make an Appointment
  • In-patient Reports
    • Discharge Summary is provided to a patient upon his/her discharge from the hospital. A discharge summary is a summary of the events during hospitalization of the patient. It outlines the patient’s chief complaint, the diagnostic findings, the therapy administered and the patient’s response to it, and recommendations on discharge.
    • To request for detailed in-patient medical reports or to make an insurance claim, refer to our Medical Report
  • For queries on charges, contact our Billing Department (IP Billing Desk, Front desk, OPD- level 1) or call/e-mail our Billing Executives:


For queries on charges, contact our Billing Department (IP Billing – level 1) or call/e-mail our Billing Concern:
Md. Rashadul Islam
Manager – Billing
Phone : +88-0241380350-61 Ext- 1031
(From 9 am to 5 pm –Except Holidays)


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