Accident & Emergency

Accident & Emergency Care at Evercare Hospital

Evercare Accident & Emergency Centre provides multidisciplinary emergency support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with state-of-the-art facilities and expert trauma team, providing ventilator and life support equipped ambulances, stroke management, life support, cardiac support and trauma life support protocols with emergency and triage beds, and immediate access to diagnostic, medical and surgical specialties. Multiple Emergency Codes are followed within the hospital, denoting different emergency situations for efficient management.

The Centre is managed by UK-qualified Consultant, experienced in Emergency Medicine. The Centre has fifteen dedicated emergency beds, which includes three triage beds. In case of any emergency, one call at 10678 is enough to avail our emergency ambulance & emergency services.

Our fleet of ambulance is well-equipped and manned by trained emergency technicians and paramedics. We have multiple ICU ambulances with life support equipment including ventilators. We have a good number of emergency doctors, trained nurses & paramedics. At our emergency, we have all the lifesaving equipment, applicable for different types of patients. These comprehensive set up includes:

  • Multiple ventilators
  • Portable ventilators and NIV
  • Multiple cardiac monitors
  • Multiple defibrillators with external cardiac pacing
  • Crash cart etc.

Our emergency has a dedicated procedure room, resuscitation room, body & eye washroom, and Covid dedicated isolated beds. We strictly follow standard infection control protocol & updated patient management protocols. Moreover, being near the international and domestic airports, we can commute with emergency patients’ to-and-fro very fast from the airport to the hospital premises at times of need.

Evercare Hospital Dhaka is also the official partner of Civil Aviation Authority of the Government of Bangladesh in Disaster Management Protocol; hence, we participate in regular Fire Drill Workshops.

Emergency Contact Numbers:

Hotline: 10678

Ambulance: 01714-090000

List of Doctors

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