Firoza Chowdhury, Officer – Customer Care

Customer Care at Evercare Hospital Dhaka

How Long have you worked at this hospital?

4 years 8 months

How does what you do each day have a positive impact on patients?

I guide every patient to know about the services, and facilities in of ward. I inform patients proactively about the possible delay of services (if any) and offer alternative services if required. 98% of my patients are satisfied and delighted about my works. I try to demonstrate distinct and positive attitude towards working in the ‘Covid Zone for Covid Infected patients” and manage the word very well with no major complaints. I am very keen on ensuring error free reporting, and billing for the procedures, and consultants’ visits in the system. I have increased 95% discharge medication sales from 30% in my ward.

What do you love most about your job?

Being a healthcare worker, I love to Improve safety in my workplace, I have been contributing to ensure absence of preventable harms by implementing IPSG goals (1 to 6) to ensure correct patient tagging, transporting from one place to another. I have got zero safety related incidences so far in my ward. I always preach and practice infection control and safety precautions among team members. I also ensure that adequate PPEs are available for the consultants and for other staff.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I manage conflicts in the team by explaining the intent of the task in the light of organizational need and listen to each member of my team. I always focus on team cohesion by showing examples of care, respect and trust.