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The Master Health Check (MHC) clinic of Evercare Hospital Dhaka is located at the ground floor in one side of the Atrium at the entrance of the hospital. This clinic houses all relevant equipment’s and logistics under one roof in one location; so those who are having health screening packages have the convenience of availing these without the hassle of moving here and there. MHC clinic is a wi-fi zone which further enhances the friendly and conducive ambience of the place, designed to make the over-all health check-up experience pleasant and memorable.

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Our Incredible Patients Share Their Stories

Successful treatment of low back spine problems
Rabiul Haque suddenly felt pain in his right leg. Later, when the pain worsened, he went to a hospital and was advised to undergo surgery.
Recovery after successful brain tumour surgery.
Mosammat Ruby Begum was suffering from a brain tumour for a long time. Her head remained heavy always, and it was very difficult for her to move.
Dr. Tahera Nazrin closed the hole in the congenital heart of a six-year-old child.
Six years old, Zabin suffered from fever, cold, and cough and always felt weak since birth. The child was also underweighting for her age.

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