Evercare Hospital Dhaka Organizes ‘Breaking Barriers, Embracing Equity’ Seminar

Evercare Hospital Dhaka Organizes 'Breaking Barriers, Embracing Equity' Seminar

Evercare Hospital Dhaka Organizes ‘Breaking Barriers, Embracing Equity’ Seminar

Evercare Hospital Dhaka, the country’s leading healthcare provider, has organized a special seminar on ‘Breaking Barriers, Embracing Equity’ on the month on International Women’s Day.

Present as special guests on the occasion were Rupali Chowdhury, Managing Director of Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited, and Rubaba Dowla, Country Director of Oracle Bangladesh-Nepal-Bhutan. Among others Kaiser Chowdhury, Senior Director, HR – Bangladesh, Dr. Arif Mahmud, Director, Medical Services – Bangladesh, Vinay Kaul – Chief Marketing Officer, Dr. Ashutosh Sood, Director – Operations, Dr. Samina Shirke, Director – Nursing Services, distinguished Senior Consultants, and other senior members from the leadership team were present. Employees from different divisions attended the seminar with great interest to learn more about the iconic leaders, their journey, and the insights they had to share.

Regarding women’s empowerment, Rupali Chowdhury said, “Ensure women’s rights in the workplace, improve skills, provide opportunities to disabled women, improve the education system, ensure cyber security, and provide training for rural women. In addition to the discrimination between men and women, the discrimination between rural women and urban women should also be eliminated. We want the implementation of women empowerment to start from every family, and my call to all, come forward from your position to make the country women friendly.”

In the seminar about women’s rights, equality, and equity Rubaba Dowla stated that “if women can be economically developed, it is feasible to build a modern and developed country. In all spheres of education, employment, and technology, women’s rights and equality should be guaranteed. The main failing of this society is the view of women as weak. There is no justification for assuming that women cannot perform certain tasks or that they will be challenging for them. The fields of entrepreneurship, free-lancing, and social media activity also need to be expanded for women.”

Kaiser Chowdhury, Senior Director, HR of Evercare Hospitals, Bangladesh, said, “Establishing equity in the organization is not easy. It requires hard work, careful listening, and authentic empathy, and leaders across all levels should set the tone by modeling inclusive behaviors. By embracing equity, we must provide the same opportunities for everyone while recognizing and valuing different strengths that individuals bring.”