Evercare Hospital Dhaka Successfully Completes it’s 100th BMT Procedure

Evercare Hospital Dhaka, the first JCI-accredited hospital in Bangladesh, announced at a press meet that they have successfully completed their 100th bone marrow transplant. With this, they now have a record of conducting the highest number of allogeneic BMTs in the country.

With a dedicated BMT unit and a leukemia unit, Evercare Hospital Dhaka is fully equipped to tackle different kinds of leukemia using autologous and allogeneic BMT with full match and half match (Haplo).

Furthermore, the hospital has a stem cell processing lab; a Cryopreservation facility; outpatient and inpatient procedure facility; an in-house molecular diagnostic facility which provides fast and accurate diagnosis; BMT beds with central oxygen supply, HEPA Filter and a system for reverse osmosis water purification.

It has a molecular lab which uses state-of-the-art technology of Flow Cytometry to diagnose the specific type of cancer. Services like subtyping, FLAER-based PNH, immune-histochemistry and PET-scan are available to make a quick and correct assessment of the patient’s condition.

Early diagnosis and planning of BMT procedures is crucial to the treatment of leukemia. Therefore, topnotch treatment planning tests like MRD and IHC tests are used to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment, and adapt for necessary changes.

Dr. Abu Jafar Mohammed Saleh, Coordinator & Senior Consultant, Hematology & Stem Cell Transplant, Evercare Hospital Dhaka and Chattogram, said, “BMT is a very risky procedure that comes with a lot of challenges. Prior to this development in Evercare Hospital, there were limited treatment for leukemia in the country.

Hence, we are pleased to have been able to conduct this procedure in our hospital with success. We have a vision of providing comprehensive medical support to the people of Bangladesh. The expansion of our BMT unit is therefore a step forward in this regard.

We currently have the utmost confidence and support from our clientele, and we wish to continue working with our best efforts in order to see this center become one of the best in this subcontinent.”

Dr Ratnadeep Chaskar, CEO & MD, Evercare Hospitals, Bangladesh, said, “We are the first private hospital in the country to bring the advanced equipment required for BMT. With a fully equipped leukemia unit, BMT unit and the treatment planning processes, we hope to help more patients who are fighting the painful fear of losing their lives to cancer.”

Dr. Arif Mahmud, Director of Medical Services, Evercare Hospitals, Bangladesh, said, “We have the best facilities and highly skilled clinical team led by Dr. Saleh for BMT treatment in Evercare Hospital Dhaka. Due to this development, patients don’t need to seek BMT treatment abroad anymore. It is much more cost-effective to do it in the country, and our success rates are as good as developed countries.”