No More Fear of COVID-19

No More Fear of COVID-19

The Impact of COVID-19 on Our Lives

An invisible enemy of only 125 nanometers in size has taken the whole world in its control. Words such as masks, PPEs, hand sanitizers, social Distancing, lockdowns, and quarantine have become incredibly common nowadays. Educational institutions have been closed, while children are becoming narrow-minded by spending too much time alone at home, their gadget addiction is increasing, and they are going through many behavioral problems as a result.

With the global economic collapse and rising crime rates, our lives seem to be going out of control. Our loved ones are disappearing, so we are also becoming very afraid of our lives. Fear and stress are some natural human emotions during these times, but when we panic for too long, we will become mentally ill. Our lowered mental health also starts to negatively affect our immune system.

The main weapon in this fight against COVID is a stronger immunity. It is important to be mentally strong and to exercise good health practices for a stronger immunity. There are several ways to reduce anxiety and fear, so that we stay healthy and cope with COVID-19.

Spend Quality Time

Family members need to spend quality time with each other. For example, they can listen to music or watch movies together. In this way, one can also learn to respect other people’s choices. This can improve relationships between family members, so that they can enjoy being together.

Light Exercise

Apartments and flat houses are quite small in size, so there is no space for exercise. Those who don’t have an exercise machine at home can move some furniture aside to make room for exercise. Regular exercise will reduce the restlessness of our minds and develop good habits among children.

Religious Practice

Practicing religion helps to calm the human mind. So, the whole family or you alone can start practicing religion. Younger family members will be interested to see you.

Social Media

At this time, we are getting a lot of information from different social media, all of which are not correct. The spread of rumors and misinformation is increasing the restlessness of our minds. Besides, if you see or hear negative news for a long time, there is a chance to get depressed. So, news and social media exposure should be reduced.

Social communication

Due to lack of time we cannot communicate with friends and relatives, but the pandemic has created a space for us to communicate with other and improve our relationships.

Laugh to the Fullest

Laughter is a drug that cannot be bought on the market, but it helps to keep our minds healthy. So, everyone in the family can enjoy their time together and laugh together to boost their immunity.

Breathing Exercise

Take a deep breath through the nose and hold it for a while and release it through the mouth. Do these breathing exercises a few times to reduce the restlessness of the mind.

Use of Language

We all should be aware of our use of language. During the times when are locked up in our houses with each other, we should be careful not to criticize each other but to be kind and understanding towards each other.

Positive Thoughts

It is difficult to think positively during an on-going global crisis. Worrying unnecessarily will not bring solutions, but it will only demotivate us. So, if we extend a helping hand to people, it will help us to maintain a peace of mind. Positive actions increase positive thoughts.

Sleep and Diet

Everyone in the family should be encouraged to get enough sleep and eat nutritious food.

Finally, remember, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world are making sacrifices to fight COVID-19. Hoping and working for a better future is the key to our survival.


Alia Ferdous Azad,

Senior Consultant

Evercare Hospital Dhaka