Prof. Dr. Md. Zillur Rahman removed a tumour burst in the blood vessels of the brain

Halima Begum: A Patient Story from Evercare Hospital Dhaka


Professor Dr. Md. Zillur Rahman


Patient Name: Halima Begum. City : Dhaka

Patient Halima Begum suddenly fell seriously ill during the holidays. In this situation, her relatives brought her to the emergency department of Evercare Hospital Dhaka. Here, the patient’s treatment started under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Md. Zillur Rahman, Senior Consultant and Coordinator of the Department of Neurosurgery. After a temporary examination, a tumour with a burst blood artery was found within the patient’s head. After that, Professor Dr. Md. Zillur Rahman finished the patient’s surgery. The patient’s daughter is giving a thorough explanation.