Dr. Tahera Nazrin Closed the Congenital Heart Hole Free of Cost with a Free Device

Mr. Amanullah: A Patient Attendant Story from Evercare Hospital Dhaka

Paediatric Cardiology
Dr. Tahera Nazrin

Patient Attendant Name: Mr. Amanullah. City : B. Baria

Mr. Amanullah’s one-year-old child from Brahmanbaria had several health issues from birth, including being underweight and breathing issues. When Mr. Amanullah took the youngster to the doctor in this state, the doctor discovered a hole in the infant’s heart that should be patched with an expensive equipment.

Due to their inability to pay for the child’s care, the family sought everywhere and eventually found Dr. Tahera Nazreen, Senior Consultant and Coordinator of Clinical and Interventional Pediatric Cardiology at Evercare Hospital Dhaka. When they contacted Dr. Tahera Nazreen, she assured them that the patient’s family would receive full cooperation. She then used a free device to successfully patch up the child’s heart. The father of the child describes this procedure in detail.

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