Assoc. Prof. (Dr.) Mohammad Farid Hossain
Senior Consultant (General, Lap. & G.I Surgical Oncology)
General & Lap Surgery


• Obtained his MBBS from Karnataka and MASTER OF SURGERY (MS) from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), subcontinent's one of the most premier medical institutes in Chandigarh, India. He underwent extensive training during his student life and gained experience working with various reputed medical institutes in India for around 14 years. He has acquired vast experience in all kinds of General. Laparoscopic and Complicated Digestive tract & organs surgeries. Just before joining Evercarebd Hospitals Dhaka, he had been working as an Associate Professor & lncharge of Dept. of Emergency, Trauma in Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College and Hospital, Sirajganj, a well-known institute for cancer treatment.

• His vast knowledge, skill, experience in various discipline of surgery specially Abdominal cancer (gastrointestinal tract-colorectal, liver, pancreas, spleen). Advanced laparoscopy, breast cancer & trauma surgeries made him as one of the choice surgeon of the country. Pioneer - He is country's one of the pioneer in the field of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (key hole opening of the abd) like Laparoscopic gangenous/ pus filled & densly adered gall bladder and appendix surgery. Esophageal cancer surgery without opening thorax. Redolongo procedure (2nd time longo procedure in the same patient), Breast Cancer Surgery with very minimum blood loss etc.


• He is the 1st to perform the following in Evercare Hospital Dhaka - Daycare gallbladder excision surgery (Admission operation in the morning and discharge in the evening after feeding). - Latest kind of Breast cancer surgery using gamma probe. Laparoscopic colorectal cancer & non-cancer surgery. - STARR procedure- Excision of large Prolapsed haemorrhoids, prolapsed rectum causing obstructive dification. - Removal of liver stones with the help of flexible scopes. - Uses of Khar suta in the treatment of complex fistula in Ano. - Extraordinary surgeries like pelvic EXENTERATION. (all pelvic organ excision) cytoreductive surgery etc are notable Areas of Interest: - Robotic Surgery- performing Abdominal Surgeries with the help of Robotic arms, Bariatric Surgery - weight reduction Surgery. Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Cancer, non-Cancer Surgery. - Hepatobiliary, Liver Transplant Surgery.


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