Senior Consultant

Department: General & Lap Surgery

Professor Dr. P. K. Saha completed MBBS, MS and FRCS. He received training in the field of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery from India, Singapore, Japan, Germany, France and USA.

Professor Dr. Saha was the Head of the Department of Surgery at Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital. He has 32 years of experience in various Medical Colleges. He has trained many young surgeons in Laparoscopy.

He has 25 years of experience in Laparoscopic Surgery & Conventional Surgery with a special interest in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery. He has done several Lap. Cholecystectomy, Needlescopic Cholecystectomy, Laparoscopic Common Bile Duct Exploration, Lap Appendicectomy, Fundoplication and Perforation Ulcer Repair throughout his vast career.

Professor Dr. P. K. Saha has a keen interest in Hernia Surgery. He has done different types of Hernia Surgery via Laparoscopic Approach, e.g. Inguinal, Femoral, Epigastric, Umbilical, Incisional & Ventral Hernia.

His fields of interest include GI Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Breast, Thyroid, Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery, Oncosurgery, Bariatric and Robotic Surgery.

Dr. Saha has a special interest in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, which allows him to make the most innovative & advanced approaches in different types of Laparoscopic surgical operations.