Baby Care in Summer: Keep Your Little One Cool and Healthy

How to Take Care of Children in Summer

Children and elderly are more likely to get sick than others during winter, summer, or monsoon due to seasonal changes in nature. Thus, the type of care for children should also be changed according to the season. But compared to other seasons, summer becomes quite difficult for children. Therefore, taking special care of children to prevent them from getting sick during this time is essential.

Children sweat excessively in summer. If water or liquid food is not given properly, excessive sweating can cause dehydration.

Dehydration can be expressed as a decreased volume or frequency of pee, or it may present as feeling weaker and thirsty than normal. Besides, dehydration can cause many complications in the body.

Other diseases seen mostly during summer are diarrhea, vomiting, cold, pneumonia, and scabies etc.

During summer time, it is suggested to follow the following advice as a way to protect the child from various diseases –

– After bathing with lukewarm water, the child’s head should be thoroughly dried, as child may catch cold with wet hair which may result in fever and cough.

– Give the baby boiled water, fresh fruit juice, or any liquid food now and then to prevent dehydration.

– Infants under six months should be encouraged to breastfeed frequently, and mother should drink liquid adequately.

– The baby should be dressed in loose cotton clothes.

– Sports are essential for the physical and mental development of the child but playing outside in extreme heat can cause excessive sweating that may result in catching cold. Therefore, the child should be allowed to play indoors during extreme heat outside.

– An open, comfortable, well-ventilated room in the house should be set aside for the child.

– Special attention should be given to older children as they usually eat roadside ice cream or juices to quench their thirst. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or diseases like typhoid.

– During summer, the possibility of viral fever increases. Antibiotics have no role in viral fever. Paracetamol should be given for fever. Apart from this, plenty of water and liquid should be ensured to maintain adequate hydration.

– Virus infection can also cause cough-cold and pneumonia. There could be nose block for this, which will hamper normal breathing; so, nose should be kept open by applying frequent saline drops in nose.

– If cough, it’s not wise to give cough syrup without a doctor’s advice. It can cause many complications. Drinks made with lemon juice, tulsi leaf juice, and liquor tea are good remedies for coughing.

– Children often suffer from heat rash during summer. Therefore, children should be kept at a normal temperature as much as possible. In extreme hot weather, the baby’s body should be wiped in normal-temperature water and dried with cotton cloth 2-3 times daily.

– The child’s nails should be cut small

Even with these precautions, the child might still get sick, but the chances will be low. A doctor should be consulted immediately if any of the following symptoms appear in the child during their sickness.

– Frequent vomiting, loose stool, and decreased urine output or lethargy in the baby.

– Decreased appetite

– High fever

– Decrease activities and alertness than normal

– Shortness of breath, frequent breathing, or tightness in the chest

All children need care. In extreme heat, children suffer equally as adults. So, it is important to take special care of children so that they will stay healthy in summer.