PEG tube installed in an MND patient for the first time in Chattogram

Evercare Hospital Chattogram has installed PEG tube in a patient with complex motor neuron disease, or MND, for the first time in Chattogram under the supervision of Dr SM Ali Haider, senior consultant of Gastroenterology department of the hospital.

Harun-ur-Rashid, a 66-year-old resident of Chandgaon in the district, came to Evercare with physical weakness. Preliminary observations at the hospital’s OPD revealed that for the past six months, the patient has been unable to speak properly, swallow food and drink, and has been suffering from sudden shortness of breath.

Under the supervision of Dr Mohammad Nazim Uddin, consultant of Neurology at Evercare Hospital, all the necessary tests were done and the doctors confirmed that the patient had contracted motor neuron disease (MND). As there is no specific treatment or antidote for this disease, PEG tubes are inserted to ensure adequate nutrition for the patient. Then, with the consent of the patient and his relatives, a PEG tube was successfully implanted in the patient’s body without any complications under the supervision of Dr SM Ali Haider, said a press release.

Dr SM Ali Haider said, “The main symptoms of motor neuron disease are: difficulty in swallowing food and talking, salivation from the mouth, and shortness of breath. Harun-ur-Rashid has been suffering from these problems for the last 6 months, and when he was brought to us, his physical condition was critical. No cure for this disease has yet been discovered, nor is there any specific medicine. It is difficult to make any decision in this situation. However, we decided to place a PEG tube in his body as it is capable of providing adequate nutrition to the body and can be used without the assistance of a medical expert. It is more tolerant, simpler, and more usable than nasogastric and orogastric tubes. Then, with the consent of all, we completed this treatment. At present, the patient is healthy.”

Dr Mohammad Fazle-Akbar Chowdhury, general manager of Evercare Hospital Chattogram, said, “We are always ready with the best medical equipment and skilled medical team to provide the best services to the patients. For the first time in Chattogram, we have successfully installed a PEG tube in the body of a patient suffering from a complex MND disease, which is a great achievement for us.”